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Your Child's Health is Important

As a parent or guardian, your child's health is one of the most important things. But as he or she grows, so might your concerns. Is he smoking? Is she experimenting with drugs? Having sex or thinking about it?

Our highly trained doctors can help your adolescent think about how their behaviors will affect their health and well-being and can work with them to help them make sensible good decisions.

Part of Growing Up is Independence

Part of growing up is learning to take care of things for oneself. This includes taking care of our own health care needs. As children get older, it's helpful for them to learn how to schedule their own doctor's appointments, register for their visit and talk to doctors and nurses about what they need. For adolescents, this is even more important. When it comes to sex, alcohol, smoking or drugs, sometimes it's easier for youth to talk to doctors and nurses if parents aren't in the same room.

Sexual and Reproductive Care for Your Adolescent

Adolescents can get sexual and reproductive health care services without permission from a parent or guardian. Those services are confidential according to the New York State law. That means that doctors and nurses can't tell anyone else that an adolescent received sexual and reproductive health care services unless the patient gives his or her permission. Research shows that when adolescents trust that what they say to the doctor is confidential, they are more likely to get the care they need to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

If you would like more information about adolescents' rights to confidential sexual and reproductive health care services, download a brochure from the New York Civil Liberties Union [in PDF].

Please see the pamphlets below to learn more about transitioning your care from Pediatrics/Adolescent Medicine to Adult Primary Care.


Please see the handouts below for more resources on the process of transitioning care from Pediatrics to Adolescent Medicine to Adult Primary Care.